SEO Training Presented Onsite

Search engine optimisation training can be tailored for your staff, interns or contractors, and presented onsite at your workplace. Businesses benefit from having their office or marketing staff- even the IT department- trained in effective SEO if they are doing any work at all on their website. If you’re looking for a Melbourne onsite seo provider, contact us to talk about how we can tailor a program for you, with specific recommendations for action steps as they relate to your company website.

If you manage your seo in house, or you have your own seo intern, they can benefit from our training course.
You might need an seo specialist to come in and help with answers to specific questions or concerns. One common seo problem we are called in to fix is lack of ranking within eCommerce sites. By their very nature, eCommerce sites can have inherent design characteristics which prevent the website from returning great search engine rank. Often people who do in-house search engine optimisation don’t understand these limitations. The frequently have to make compromises when they try to please different departments within the company. The compromises often dilute the seo efforts made by the team, and cost you rank, visitor numbers, sales- and ultimately profit. We can take a detailed look at your company website and make specific recommendations for better seo- to help you achieve the results you seek.
We’ll develop an seo strategy for you which your interns can implement over time- a precise plan of action to help your team achieve the best Google rank for your company web site.

Our SEO training at your workplace will endure that your staff will have the skills required to do the job properly.

Before booking an in-house or onsite seo training course, we recommend you do the following:

  • determine who your industry competitors are
  • check the search terms they outrank you for
  • have access to web analysis data
  • think about any future expansion in terms of products or services
  • ensure you have all your website and server logins so you can access all files within the site

Once you have all the information outlined above, we’ll be able to work with you to present a training program designed with your specific seo goals in mind.

SEO Training In House Requirements

If you’d like seo training for you staff, the in house course works best if everyone has their own machine as well as access to the internet during the session. If people are using laptops, ensure these are fully charged. A whiteboard helps with presenting- and an interruption-free workplace encourages great learning!

Feel free to prepare a list of search engine optimisation questions you might have, these can be general seo topics or website specific questions and strategic recommendations. We can help you with anything you need, and help you or your team overcome any search engine optimisation obstacles. Call us today, for prompt, professional help.