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It's with pleasure that we offer these regular, topical updates of interest to people who do their own search engine optimisation. We blog about what we do to websites to make them rank high on page 1 of organic listings.
There are dynamic changes to the way web pages are indexed, ranked and searched. It's essential to stay informed and make careful judgement calls before optimizing your own- or a client's website. Our comprehensive suite of search engine opitmisation services can bring your website in line with all current best practices. A thin line separates white hat techniques from black hat tactics- doing the right thing by search engine quality standards will keep your business alive and bouyant throughout all the algorithmic updates and swings.

The subjects we select for inclusion here, are those we consider relevant to the times. We provide tips, anecdotes and specific case studies from campaigns we've either developed, worked on or implemented.

Yet more blog topics come from requests received during our search engine optimisation classes. You too can avoid being baffled by conjecture and get the inside scoop on what you should be doing, to get your website ranking better.

Perhaps some of the articles on this blog will help you clear those niggling concerns and get you started on the road to being an SEO specialist.

The relevancy of the advice shared here, is applicable to search engine optimisation for small business websites, eCommerce and online shops, as well as large corporate sites spanning a thousand pages or more, with a sprawling site hierarchy and file structure.

We wish you success in your quest for information and as always, feel free to request topics for inclusion. Simply head to our contact page, and complete a form.

SEO Blog

Authority Content: On-Page SEO Quality at Work

As you grind away creating content- you need to know that it achieves its intended purpose. The best content for SEO attracts search engine rankings, visitor clickthroughs for the right keywords and also sets the stage for a great online experience. Read about how one website has all the factors dialled in and attracts new clients daily.


How Smart SEO Strategies Complement Your Trade Show Marketing

Search engine marketing campaigns take time, energy and money to set up and develop to a point where there is a dollar-positive return. At first- it might seem like the trade show booth is a quick fix! Each has it merits. Like a theme park for the mind- it’s better when everything works properly together with everything else. Use event marketing and SEO together- and reap the rewards!


eCommerce SEO Case Study

The team at Shelves for Shops contacted me originally for some SEO guidance and training.
The concern with their current website manager was that the business owners had little, to no, control over their own optimisation due to not having access to the platform the website was built on. They was interested in learning more about search engine optimisation, and deciding whether to manage it themselves, or engage someone on a professional level to manage their SEO for them.


Dentist Website SEO

Optimising a website for a dental practice needs to be done in a specific way. As the website owner, you need to convince the person browsing the internet that your surgery is the right choice to solve their problem. You also need to present your content in the best possible light to search engines, so that your listing appears on the first page of results. When everything is done correctly, you get seen, clicked and booked. If this sequence is repeated often enough, you’ll grow your business better than by any other method.


How SEO Can Send a Business Broke

There is a recurring pattern and series of early warning signs, that warn you of looming online disaster. Nothing makes a business owner confront reality more squarely than having their website traffic plummet to extremely low levels, and no more emails or phone calls. You’d be amazed how often this happens. People come to us for help- this is what we dig up- it seems to be a recurring cycle. We have reversed bad SEO other providers have done. Read about what we’ve seen-and how we fixed it.


Impact of Changes to Adwords Layouts on SEO

Learn about the massive changes to adwords and understand what the ripple effect will be to your search engine optimisation efforts. Understand why there has never been a better time to ramp up your quest for organic traffic. Get a better understanding of the correlation between better adwords performance- and organic search prominence. We explain it all in this article!


The Right Way to SEO an Online Store

Many people ask about setting up the best search engine optimisation for online stores, like Magento, Wordpress, Joomla and others, which employ a content management system. Are you an online merchant, selling products through your website which people might use search engines to seek out? If so, there are some definite things you can do to increase your competitive edge and share of organic rank.
There are some little-known tips on the SEO best practices for online shopping article which we published recently. However- you’re here- so read on, to get a couple of extra points which weren’t in the main article.


SEO and 301 Redirects

Get your rank back, after implementing a stack of 301 redirects to your website. Have you recently lost rank after doing 301 redirects? Read on for the best way to do 301s. Recover lost ranking due to URL changes, or broken URLs. Don’t think of 301 redirections as a burden- see them as a chance to brush up your content and provide more opportunities for people to explore your products, read about more services- or just generally like your site better than they did before.


Better Ways to Optimise Websites for 2015

It’s 2015 and in the first week, I’ve already been inundated with requests for help with SEO. Most of our inquiries have come from people who have small businesses and have a staff member assigned to search engine optimisation tasks. I published a series of suggestions which are absolutely essential to moving higher in the SERPS. And for the uninitiated, “SERPS” is an acronym for “Search Engine Results Pages”- where you sit, in the lineup of returned results for a given query.


Website Templates and SEO

One of the things almost every client chooses for their website design, is a template. Very few people make a build from the beginning using a layered Photoshop design, converted to html. Templates are written by many different developers- and the variation in attention to detail is enormous.
We’ve seen instances where there are multiple h1 heading tags on one page- or the title for the logo image is rendered as a h1 tag within the source code of every page.