Great SEO Content Case Study

Three Big Reasons Why Great Content Will Never Let You Down

I’ve seen a lot of websites come and go in my time as an SEO expert, and to be quite honest I applaud the Google algorithm changes, because they do a great job of getting rid of the dead wood.
What’s often left after the dreaded ‘Google Grim Reaper’ sweep is informative, top quality sites that deserve a place on page one. One such site is Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic.
Just 4 short years ago, I built this site for my client, who is a qualified professional hypnotherapist. Her site continues to rank highly on page one of Google, often in the second and third positions. Why? Because her content kicks arse!
Each and every week, she posts relevant and informative articles on the subject of hypnosis, mindset and wellbeing.

There’s no doubt about it; in the ever-changing world of SEO, content is still king, and websites that contain high quality content always stand the test of time.
Here are 4 reasons why good quality content leads to more engagement, inquiries and sales.

ONE: Good Content Solves a Problem

Many who hire me to optimize their websites for the search engines have got their heads in the sand. They want to write about their plumbing service or their massage qualifications or where they did their diploma.

But here’s a newsflash: People don’t care about you, or what you do.
They want to know one thing, and one thing only: how you can solve their top of mind problem.

This article explains what I’m saying in more detail.
Writing quality articles about what you know best is the most effective way to show your potential clients how you will solve their problem, and why you’re the best person for the job.

TWO: Good Content Enters The Conversation Going On In The Client’s Head

If you want your website to sell, you have to dive deep and look at the secret fears, hopes and worries of your most ideal client.
For example, if she’s looking to lose weight, why? What will losing weight give her that she doesn’t have now? Is it more confidence? What is her biggest obstacle to losing weight, and why?
These questions are crucial, because once you tap into the ‘why’, you can create specific articles that speak directly to your ideal client. When she finds your website she’ll feel like it was written just for her. That’s powerful stuff!

THREE: Good Content Builds Trust

I’m privvy to most of the enquiry emails that get sent to my hypnotherapist client, and what strikes me about them is that a very good percentage of them say something like this:
‘I’ve been reading through your website and what you said on the [particular] page really hit home with me. I’d really like to book in with you.”
No ifs, no buts.
My client’s content sells itself, so that when she gets on the phone to her potential customers, often the only question they have for her is ‘when can I get in to see you?’

Mark my words; Stellar content builds trust and authority with your potential clients effectively ‘pre-sells’ your potential clients so all the hard work is done for you.
If you don’t have much content on your website, I highly recommend you develop a schedule to create more pages that build your authority as a subject-matter expert.