Trade Show Marketing Booth Comes of Age

Trade show marketing can be great for your business: you advertise directly to your target market while also often engaging a broader audience of the general public. However, trade shows are costly, require plenty of planning, and pit you against every one of your competitors in a single room! What a nightmare!

Much like how your neighbours may be excited or cheery as the circus rolls into town, exhibition centres buzz when a trade show rolls in.

A report by Lead Crea+ion shows that:

  • There are less visitors to trade shows and they come for much shorter periods.
  • Visitors are more informed thanks to the internet. They know you have a website and they will likely know some of the basics of your business. They come to ask questions, be told something they don’t know, see something they haven’t before.

A trade show booth is essentially a form of experiential marketing – the booth is an experience for clients to remember your brand. You want to make sure your customers leave not only with your flyers but with a positive vision of your brand. This means taking the extra steps to make an impression beyond cardboard cutouts and free stress balls.

Unfortunately, many exhibitors haven’t caught onto the changes and continue to use outdated methods, poor signage and useless tat to make their business known. Fortunately for us, those people are our competitors.

So what can you do to make a better booth?

Make your booth a multi-sensory experience. Sight and sound are not the only senses your customers have: by engaging all five you have a better chance of engaging with the customer.

Booths Should Have Customer Friendly Design

Your booth should be intuitive, eye-catching and approachable. Interesting displays, custom backdrops and a floor plan that makes sense will help you immensely.

Make use of your tech

We have all this amazing technology at our fingertips: Augmented reality, virtual reality, slideshows, games, photo booths, turntables…use them!

Stop pitching the sale

Obviously, you want to make sales in the long term, but why rush? Customers hate it when we get in their faces about buying our products; at a trade show especially, what they really want to know is how useful we are to them. Be ready to answer questions, have an informational booklet ready, and don’t forget to smile!

Interact with buyers before, during and after the show.

Make your audience want to come and see you! Advertise on your socials, tell all your friends, make a scene! During the show, make an effort to engage consumers! You can even offer prizes or activities for signing up to your mailing list. After the event, seek feedback regarding your booth: did you have fun? Did you walk away feeling like you had everything answered?

Social Exposure can help bring your booth into the 21st century. We offer a range of features from customizable props and backdrops to data capture and analytics to make you stand out from the crowd! Get in touch with one of the team today – Let’s Socialise!