Dealing With Penalties from Google

If you have a manual penalty action notice in your webmasters tools interface- or you have suddenly had a massive loss of traffic, it’s time to act fast. Websites receive different levels of penalties against them for offences which violate strict content and quality guidelines. The simplest penalty can be a loss of 10 or 20 spots for some terms, because of a silly error on your website, which could be a basic coding mistake that fails to render a title tag, or multiple h1 level headings on a single page- perhaps you have images with duplicate title or alt tags. A basic penalty can be fixed with simple corrections. You need to work out what the problems are- and you need to know what to do to fix them.
Check out the Google penalty recovery article on our website, perhaps you can initiate the turnaround, before calling us for professional penalty removal help.

Penalties which are a little more serious- like a hacked site, unnatural link profiles or very ordinary content, might be accompanied by a notice in your webmasters tools. You should take immediate action to correct any hacks. Attacks are usually made on your htaccess file in order to steal organic traffic. Your penalty comes from the sneaky redirect which violates Google’s definition of a great user experience. Your customer would have clicked through a search result expecting to reach your website- and instead got taken to something they didn’t want to see at that moment.

Even bigger penalties- the worse kind- involve de-indexing.

Duplicate content can cause this to happen- one website we worked on had almost 100% duplicate content on every page- and did not appear anywhere in Google for anything- not even for specific, exact text match queries.

In almost every case, I would advise the client to trash the site, the domain and start again.

We took a chance with this particular job- removed all the duplicate content, changed all the page layouts to a responsive design, and gave the website a thorough rejuvenation.

We were hoping for positive results in 6 months after all the faults were corrected- and were pleasantly surprised that there were strong organic visitor numbers in just 7 weeks.

They were for long-tailed keywords- but the long tailed keywords were the buying keywords- the ones people typed in when their mind was set on making a purchase.

It was a great outcome.

Ensure you address any quality issues before you get penalized. Recovery from a penalty s possible in almost all cases- and there won’t be a penalty to recover from, if you use our professional, reputable SEO service.