Design for the Future- of Your Website and SEO

Now it’s time to plan one of the most important steps of all- the information . The architecture you use to house all this information as well as the presentation and delivery systems you intend to use, need to be looked at right now. There will be more personalisation in search results- so your best search engine optimisation tips for 2012 should keep this important point at the fore.

If you look through the SEO Australia site, you will see a detailed menu on the right hand side of the page. This type of menu allows for unlimited expansion, and some links to key regions are also placed in the top navigation bar. I didn’t go with locating the complete site navigation at the “usual” top position, because it would be too cluttered in the future. I put a few important links there, because visitors expect to see links or a menu in that position.

Look at where you are now, and where your journey will take you. It’s not always possible to predict this with pinpoint accuracy, but as a website owner or business owner, you will have some idea of where your industry is heading and where you fit in with all that. Plan for tomorrow. See the best seo planning tips on our site.