External SEO Help for In-house Teams

If yours is like most businesses, the task of search engine optimisation will often be spread between people within the organisation, who aren’t real SEO specialists. They push on with the work, doing the best they can, but there is no clarity- no real expertise. External assistance brings with it an impartial authority. Get a new perspective from an outsider with fresh vision. Discover- and solve website or technology problems which management or interns might not even be aware of. Your own team will benefit from the assistance and clarity of purpose brought in by someone from the outside.

Organisations often suffer from a culture- a way of doing things just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

An SEO consultant cuts through those barriers and provides a clear direction for website technical staff and marketing people to follow.

Your internal SEO team or person might be busy on another assignment- they could be repairing and re-configuring an adwords campaign, sorting a disavow request or doing more conventional online marketing to coincide with an industry event or show. Working with an external SEO consultant can validate that the right methods are being applied towards a strategy that will work.

Ongoing Consulting for Businesses Without SEO Staff

You might not have the resources yet- but you need to sort your SEO. Engaging a consultant can prioritise the process of optimising your website without you having to interview multiple applicants, manage payroll and bear the expense of engaging staff. If you have a person or team doing your marketing the same way its always been done an SEO expert can help put those activities into perspective and make them SEO compliant. There are many areas where traditional marketing and search engine optimisation overlap- and some distinct differences. Regular scheduled sessions with a search marketing professional will align your marketing and media with proper SEO.

An experienced search engine optimisation person can help train your staff to do a lot of the work internally to reduce your outsourcing costs.

SEO is a real component of marketing and competition in all industries is strong and only getting stronger. Mistakes are costly- and recovery from bad decisions is slow and costly. Speak with us about retainers- hiring an SEO consultant either on a casual basis or for a fixed number of hours per week or month, and get access to the best talent pool of specialists for your business.