Beginner SEO Course in Melbourne

The next beginner SEO course in Melbourne will be held on Tuesday 11th June 2024. Training commences at 1000, please arrive by 0945. When all attendees are present, we start earlier and train longer. Training ends at 1300 hrs.

Study material is designed for people who have basic skills in editing the words on a web page. Most of students come to us, with basic SEO errors on their website- just lots of them! After completing a beginner search engine optimisation course, participants will have a clearly written and defined action plan to address page-level issues.

A further selection of dates for introductory-level SEO training will be posted soon, for July 2024.

Before you enroll for this session, we recommend that you be comfortable with making edits to the front content of your website- edits which relate to the content that people see when they look at your site. It’s desirable that you have a project website- either online or in development. If you don’t have a website at all- if you’re planning to make a website, this is the perfect time to do an SEO course.

Are you looking at rebuilding or migrating to a new host or platform? Get knowledge about the mistakes most developers make with new websites and website rebuilds- and be prepared so you don’t lose any hard-earned organic rank. Don’t sabotage your website’s SEO by trying to do too much at the wrong time.

Take a look at the information below, for an overview of the SEO training, for beginner-level students.

  • What is SEO? Really. What head space should you be in when you think of search engine optimisation?
  • How do search engines work- how are pages crawled, indexed and assessed?
  • How do search engines know which page to return to a visitor, for a given query?
  • Why should you do SEO? When to do it- and when no SEO is definitely better…
  • All this stuff on page 1 of Google- what is it and where should your website be?
  • Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds- what’s with all the names? And what do they mean?
  • Feed the animals of Google- make your content irresistible to the spiders and people!
  • How do you get it all down- the most important SEO stuff you can do for your website.
  • SEO deal breakers- wrong moves that tip you off the edge. Can you ever come back?
  • A diagnosis and recommendations from an SEO professional for your website.

The beginner SEO course will address the problems which most websites have. Every SEO project we undertake, has beginner level errors. Chances are, your website has them too.

Training is held at:

South Eastern Executive Suites
160 South Gippsland Hwy,
Dandenong South.
Our training rooms are just minutes off the Monash Freeway, or Eastlink, with ample free parking onsite, as well as tea, coffee and biscuits.