Intermediate SEO Course Melbourne

The next Intermediate SEO Course Melbourne will be held on Wednesday 12th June 2024. It starts at 1000, please arrive by 0945. Early arrival by all participants gets us away to an earlier start- and more training time. Training ends at 1230 hrs. 

Can’t make the session in June?

We’ll soon be posting dates for the intermediate level SEO class in June also scheduled for a Wednesday.

The intermediate level search engine optimisation training course is ideal for people who have done some basic SEO on their project website, and enjoyed success for search terms which are not hotly contested.

The training session explores areas beyond beginner level training- online campaigns, techniques and strategies forward in the face of growing competition. Students should already be comfortable with the founding principles of on-page and off-page website optimisation.

Could you comfortably explain the three most important on-page elements which affect website rank? If your understanding of these things is good, then the intermediate course in SEO is for you. Mid level SEO Training digs deeper, and looks at a number of important things, moving forward from the beginner course. We pay particular attention to the following things.

As always, content is tailored to attendees’ websites where possible, to provide a more relevant experience:

  • Spreading the word- and garnering human love. Why links matter- and when they don’t matter!
  • A quick way of checking whether or not a website is worth linking to, or seeking a link from.
  • Low hanging link fruit- the stuff most people don’t even realize is there for the taking!
  • We all need maps- sitemaps for search engines, and sitemaps for humans. Why they matter!
  • Directories- made for whose benefit? Often the directory owner’s benefit. Why you should avoid many industry directories.
  • The “follow” and “no follow” attributes to links- sometimes “no follow” is the only one to use- but when?
  • Why should I deal with you? Why should a search engine lay its reputation on the line and send the visitor to your website?
  • Everyone’s an author- organise your profile, claim your content- and get blogging.
  • Bad comments and bad press- what can you do about it? How reviews affect SEO.
  • Much more than meta tags, titles and keywords- what (apart from content) is the big decider of Google rank?

Training is held at:

South Eastern Executive Suites
160 South Gippsland Hwy
Dandenong South.
We’re located a few minutes off the Monash Freeway, or Eastlink, with ample free parking onsite, as well as tea, coffee and biscuits.