On-Page Website SEO

Correcting or amending the content shown on the pages of your website is one of the most important services an SEO company provides. Done correctly, a well optimised page lets search engines know what your content is really about, and provides a welcome resource to the visitor clicking through from an organic results page. Proper optimization of the elements within a web page helps search engines understand how the content of the page can fit within the context of a user’s query.

Often content developers have a target key phrase or set of queries in mind they want to optimise for. The content they post online doesn’t address those queries at all, because the elements within the pages of the website don’t support a theme.

The way forward to better online visibility, is perfecting the content of pages, to answer user queries more effectively.

Elements to Optimise at Page Level

It’s not just text- there are other things which get displayed within a web page. Applying correct emphasis and semantic markup to the range of items displayed, helps search engines understand the page better.

Here are some of the page-level enhancements we make:

  • Quality content- this is the primary reason you will attract visitors and Google rank
  • Page Title- the title people see in the browser bar
  • The Description Meta Tag- what it says, and how it is written
  • Semantic Markup- prioritising what’s on-page
  • Cross Referencing Other Pages
  • Clear, Descriptive “alt” Tags
  • Accurate Titles for on-page elements

Content is everything- it even counts for more than links.

Categorising or siloing the content is a very effective technique used for fine-tuning presentation of a website’s assets within a logical hierarchy. It begins with grouping related pages into “stacks” which resemble silos when they drop down beneath top level menu headings. This helps establish the primary themes and their supporting pages in the correct perspective. Their relationship to each other is apparent immediately- and visitors can easily move throughout the sub-menu items which relate to a theme. The website’s authority is established in the eyes of search engines, by using this logical presentation of content.

Once this is all sorted, it’s time to promote your website the right way, in all the right places, with the correct off page search engine optimisation.
On-page search engine optimisation is essential in order for all other SEO to work at its best.