Local Search Listings Optimised

Listings which appear towards the top of the organic results for popular search queries are known as local listings. they sit high up on the page- so it’s worth aiming for those top spots when claiming your business listing through Google. One of the we provide, is creating the perfect, complete listing for your business. A well rounded, balanced listing should contain lots more than simply a name, address and phone number. We work with you to create a listing that positions your business as the provider of what your ideal customers are seeking. We introduce rich media into your information, to provide a multi-faceted, balanced hub of information to inform and encourage browsers to become buyers.

Why Getting Listed is Important

There are a number of reasons why it makes good sense to be shown in the organic map section of the first page for your keywords. People might type in a “city” query for a trade or service even if they are from the outer suburbs. It would be unlikely that the first few organic entries would be local to the searcher, especially if the city has a parge suburban sprawl. Pulling up a listing of carwash stations or fitness classes from the other side of the city wouldn’t sit with most people.

This is where maps come to the rescue.

Mobile devices- and even desktop computers- send information to search engines that accurately let the engine know where the person using the device is located. In an effort to understand searcher intent the search engine does its best to match goods and service providers to the searcher’s locality. If your organisation’s entry with the search engine is really well optimised, you’ll show ahead of your competitors, throughout a wider geographic area of queries.

When people use a mobile phone or tablet to seek out a business, chances are they’re searching for a local provider of goods or services.

All Businesses Should be Listed

Even if you don’t sell on the internet or take inquiries through a website, it’s still important that you are found online when someone searches for what you offer the local community. People search online for who to visit to buy something from- like a garden nursery, petrol station, or puncture repair service.

Not everyone is local to the area- they’ll use their mobile device to search, and will often follow the suggestions brought up by their tablet or smartphone.

Understand Who Your is Your Real Local Competitor

As the owner of a business operating within a narrow geographic area, it might be interesting to learn that your real competitor could well be someone different to who you think it is.

Consider this…

There’s a restaurant a few blocks down, who serves a style of cuisine similar to yours. His venue is bigger, fancier and people know he’s there. Your venue is tucked away in a quieter street, and although your food is nicer, you haven’t quite finished all your creative input into your dining room and function area yet, and word isn’t really out.

Who do you think is your real competition, when someone’s searching using a mobile device?

It’s not the guy around the corner.

Your real competition in local search is the guy who appears either in the first page organic listings for what the searcher has typed in- or in the “map” listings- alongside or above you. It’s not necessarily the guy with the fancy restaurant!

An Optimised Local Listing Levels the Competition

This is one area where the customer or business definitely doesn’t need to go to the big players or known brands. Some of the clients we work with as of this writing, are one-person operators, competing against bigger players. Our clients’ listings appear within page one of search results for organic website listings as well as map listings. We have found from experience, that map listings get clicks which lead to sales- almost as much as organic search listings featuring websites only.

This means a small operator with an agile content marketing strategy and well rounded SEO, can outwit the bigger competitor who might have a higher marketing budget- but also more “layers” to pass through before something gets published online.

Even Without a Website You Still Need a Listing

It’s likely that the person initiating a search from a mobile device is already down the road to fulfilling their need- whether it’s finding out about your opening hours, menu, physical location or how to get to where you are. If they’re still in the information gathering phase, there’s a chance you could get that new customer instead of her visiting a competitor. A business listing with Google validates your business. It provides an opportunity to present something about yourself and your business that positions you as the best choice for the customer’s query, right at that exact moment.

In setting up and validating your business on Google Maps, we research the best keywords to present to people who would be conducting a search based on a more urgent need for fulfillment rather than an information gathering session during a planning phase, months in advance. This is a pivotal characteristic of our local listing SEO service. Get in touch, or complete the inquiry form on this page, to learn more.