Professional Website Audits for SEO

An audit of work done by previous SEO providers is the first we recommend if you have suffered a sudden loss in organic rank. We assess your website rank so that we can make corrections to your online strategy if needed. Checking what’s been done, acts as an evaluation of the overall well-being of your content marketing. This is essential to give you the best outcome from our . A professional analysis often reveals areas where small improvements can yield impressive positive gains. Audits span a range factors which affect rank- not just the obvious. Our assessment can be divided into a number of categories.
These are outlined below.

Content- the Single Biggest Ranking Factor

A close scrutiny of content often reveals many things. Excellent “corporate message” type content, generally has no value whatsoever in the battle for organic positions. We find most websites lack content that stands out within their industry or profession.

Here are the likely causes of web pages- and what they say- not meeting the mark:

  1. The content is thin and lacks substance- nothing of value in there to make it earn rank
  2. It’s the wrong content– not what people are looking for
  3. The content is thin or spammy
  4. Poor semantics hinders search engines’ understanding of the real meaning of what the page is about
  5. Content has been copied from elsewhere online- this is most prevalent on eCommerce sites with product descriptions

If you haven’t had a professional overview done of what your website really says, now might be a good time to organise one.

Technical Factors Relating to Performance- and User Experence

The biggest single thing here, is user experience- particularly accross mobile devices. Simply scaling text and graphics is not enough. If a graphic element reduces to fit a mobile screen, it’s text might be unreadable, or it’s content might be difficult to see or understand. Best practice would dictate that different graphics are called based on screen resolution- in order to make use of the screen format.

Navigation is important- can users visiting your website on a mobile phone or tablet find their way around easily? Your website should call a different menu structure for mobiles or tablets. The reason for this is so that links are easy to tap without activating other links as well.

Web forms, page load speeds, server performance and engagement objects are checked for current best-practice compliance.
Forms should be easy to complete and submit. Your site’s pages should load quickly; javascript and css ahould be called externally to reduce page rendering times and server load. Your server should not struggle to deliver your web page and site assets. Sometimes moving away from shared hosting can make a difference. Adding SSL to your website helps your organic rank too.

Auditing Your Inbound SEO

This is where interesting revelations happen. We conduct an inbound link audit, to determine the overall health of your link profile. Our checks include the websites linking to your website, as well as the external links out from your site. Bad links are listed, and a disavow is made through Google webmaster tools.

Aside from poor quality content and poor mobile responsiveness, inbound links are the guilty culprits of lost rank. A scrutiny and assessment of your inbound links will provide a basis for correction.

Does your website need an SEO audit to determine why things aren’t as they should be? There is always a reason for a sudden loss of rank. to arrange an expert evaluation of your website. Get started on the road to recovering your rank and traffic.