Choosing the best domain name and extension for SEO

This week’s article takes a look at selecting the best domain name, domain extension and whether or not you use your business name, or a keyword rich domain name as your website url. This can have a marked effect on how fast your search engine optimisation efforts take effect- so choose carefully!

In October 2012, there was an adjustment to the Google algorithm, which became known as the “EMD”. This stood for “exact match domain” and the adjustment was brought on to reduce the advantage that a keyword-laden or exact keyword match domain enjoyed during the ranking process.
Some websites took a shattering dive- Google estimated that around 7% of domains were affected. Looking over a number of websites we keep track of, we noticed others have held their ground or risen to greater prominence.

Find out why.

See also the updates to the article, reflecting our recent observations in June 2014. Read more about this on the best website name and extension page of our website.

You’ll be surprised at what these recent algorithm changes mean, and once again, the playing field has been shaken.