Search Engine Optimisation- a Double Edged Account

This incredible pair of opposing search engine optimisation real life accounts- warrant their own article and blog post. By following this link to the best seo double article, you can read the incredible story of how a client of ours with almost zero web expertise bumped his site to organic page 1 of Google! Contrast this with an enquiry we received just a few days ago, for search engine optimisation- where the enquirer was paying a four figure monthly amount to someone for “ongoing” search engine optimisation contract work, on a website which had never been live on the internet. How does this happen? SEO and the industry of search engine optimisation is still new enough, that most people don’t realise when they are being “had”. Ensure it doesn’t happen to you- question everything that a search engine expert proposes to do for you- don’t be scared of cutting ties- you could be saving your own purse strings!