Impact of Changes to Adwords Layouts on SEO

Search engine optimization and adwords share many attributes. Ranking factors and rewards- the two biggest ones- combine to take online marketing to new heights, or bring it crashing down hard. As search engine optimization specialists, we work to move our clients into the area of positive returns on investment- whether through smarter and more efficient PPC ad campaign management, or greater organic visibility.

No doubt you’ll be aware that there have been some radical changes to how paid search advertising gets presented to visitors. How does this affect SEO and people who are seeking better visibility for their websites in organic search? What impact does the new layout have on the value of optimizing your web site?

adwordsThe new layout, with less ads- means fewer businesses get exposure on page 1 at any given time. The image with the green border on this page, illustrates the new layout. Notice how the sidebar PPC ads (visible in the image with the green border) have disappeared? This means fewer businesses get front page spots. In order to be in the race, you’ll need to polish your tactics.
Studies of adwords data since the change, have shown that click-through percentages have risen- and that’s understandable if you’re on the front page. With fewer ads to choose from, the same number of visitors who intend to click on an ad will click on the ones which are there, driving up the click through rates. The ads from the right side of the page have gone, which means fewer distractions for the visitor once the search results page is served. This brings some wonderful benefits for people who are embracing a rounded approach to search engine optimization.
As PPC costs and competition rise because of those who are no longer on page 1 bidding higher to get exposure- and set budgets get exhausted quicker- the value of a well optimized website will become obvious.

The Time to Optimize is Now!

google search homepage without sidebar adwords Organic traffic comes to your site with a preconceived idea that the click through is safe, the rank and trust were earned- and that your website must be good in order to be displayed on the first page of search results. If you have any keyword or campaign history to draw on- that data can become extremely useful.

You can optimize your content for better organic rank, and mine hidden opportunities within the keyword data your paid search advertising account will reveal.

It’s never too late to optimize a website- start with a comprehensive review and analysis, develop a plan and follow it through. If you were getting high quality scores and impressive click-through rates from Adwords, it wold be likely that your content could already be optimised quite well. It might just need some tuning in how it’s presented, and you could be well on your way to achieving page one organic rank.

Search Engine Optimization Makes Better Financial Sense Now

From a financial perspective the value of search engine optimization is better than before. With the new changes to how adwords presents, a stable organic presence on the front page of Google for your chosen keywords, will see you through the wobbles that come with these changes.