Changing Servers and Keeping Organic Rank

If you need to move the hosting arrangement of your website to a new server, ensure you don’t lose rank by configuring your DNS settings with errors. If you make mistakes in migrating your website, you might go offline and lose traffic as well as organic rank. If you don’t realize this has happened- because of DNS propagation- it could be days before you notice. The very nature of DNS propagation means that your “old” server will resolve when your website is called, for anything up to 48 hours after the move. The exact time depends on the speed at which different ISPs update their records. It can be instant- but more often than not, it varies between old and new host until things settle.

To ensure this happens as seamlessly as possible, make a full back up of your web site before you commence the move.

If it’s a simple html web site, life is pretty straight forward. In the case of a database driven web site, ensure your backup includes the database.

Once you have installed an instance of your web site on your new host, whether as an add on domain or the primary domain for that account, check to see that it works. Your host will provide you with a path to the folder holding the newly migrated web site, so that you can test everything. This could be something like: current-domain/migrated-site-name or if your migration is to the top level directory of your hosting account, it could be hosting-company-root/your-username/public_html or similar. Whatever the magic URL is, you need to test that everything works, before logging into the registrar control panel for your domain registration and pointing the domain to the new servers.

The section of the registrar’s control panel you need to look for, is the “Manage Domains” area. There will be provision to modify name servers, or change name server settings. Your hosting company will list the name server critical numbers, something like ns1theirname.123dotcom followed by a second one which could be similar, but not identical. Enter these numbers into the fields, and you’re done!

Having a staging server is a great place to test any CMS updates or extension updates before flicking the switch on the DNS settings pointing to your new host.

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