Better Ways to Optimise Websites for 2015

It’s 2015 and in the first week, I’ve already been inundated with requests for help with SEO. Most of our inquiries have come from people who have small businesses and have a staff member assigned to search engine optimisation tasks. I published a series of suggestions which are absolutely essential to moving higher in the SERPS. And for the uninitiated, “SERPS” is an acronym for “Search Engine Results Pages”- where you sit, in the lineup of returned results for a given query.
When the suggestions were compiled for the article, there were a number of pertinent ideas which didn’t make the cut- but were deemed to be SEO essentials for 2015.
Here are a few more points you should work on, and implement as soon as possible.

  1. Own your content- link it to your Google+ profile- and build your credibility as an author and content developer; author rank and trust are set to become huge
  2. Get schema microdata implemented into your website; this will become a ranking factor; best you are on the bandwagon before the music plays
  3. General housekeeping- not specifically 2015- but sort any 404 (page not found) errors- these do have an adverse affect on your website’s rank
  4. Ensure your Google My Business listing (you do have one…?) details match those on your website- check your external listings carefully for mistakes
  5. Adjust and polish your social strategy- know what social media is- and what it isn’t so your resources are invested wisely

I’ve seen some amazing mistakes made in the above 5 points. One client came to us at the end of 2014 and had two phone numbers in their online listings (“my business” and credible local directories) which didn’t connect. And I’m not talking “the number you have called is not connected” kind of result- there simply was no connection to anything.

Now given that these listings were the first to appear when someone searched for the phone number to this business, the outcome was far from desirable.

The business was one which involved massive trust and disclosure of personal financial data between the client and the business.

Empty static after dialing the number was not a good outcome!

Now this may come as a surprise- but an amazing number of businesses and websites have fundamental errors within them, with far-reaching consequences.

Sometimes simple solutions bring significant improvements. Implementing these suggestions- as well as reading the SEO tips for 2015 article on our website, will set you in the right direction.

One of the Hottest SEO Adjustments You Should Make

Absolutely ensure that the user experience your website delivers to a mobile device, is first class. If your website hides content from mobile users, then make sure it’s nothing important. To take things further and make your website better, it’s worth calling different-sized images based on screen resolution to cut down server-side processing- and speeding up asset loading. Check your changes- and check them again. One job we encountered recently completely hid the navigation from mobile users.
Not a good outcome!
Responsive design is one thing- user experience is another. Make things easy to find, ensure that there’s always an easy way back to your home page, and test your website on a range of devices, not just the gadget you use to browse the internet.

Responsive layouts bring a whole new dimension to website optimisation- ensure you take this on board in 2015 and beyond.