SEO Planning- Strategy Consulting Service

Do you need some guidance or strategic input with your search engine optimisation? Figuring out where to spend your time and effort is important. Here’s some valuable advice for you to consider when planning SEO for the next 6 months, 12 months or even two years.
This is a broad overview of the type- and style- of campaign design we offer as part of our suite of .
Use this as a basis for working out your ideal implementation timeline and method, for your website SEO.

It will help a lot if you look at your website optimisation program as a multi-layered approach. It’s definitely not something you do once and forget, or worse still- do once and expect great things ot happen quickly. There are often short-term sharp vertical gains in website traffic acquisition, possible with moderate effort.

After that, your search engine optimisation plan should focus on a sustained effort designed to build your website’s authority in the online space. This will position your URL as the place for authoritative content and encourage Google and other search engines, to send you more organic traffic, for a wider range of queries- especially the long tail queries, which are the ones that lead to a sale or booking or inquiry.

Short-term SEO Planning

Our approach is based on your immediate needs- those you want to meet in the next 3 to 6 months. Typically we develop a program designed to draw traffic to your website for a wider range of queries than you would be getting now- so that you have the opportunity to serve more customers’ needs. Sometimes as a business owner you can be too close to the heartbeat of your business and not recognise the potential for greater opportunities. Professional SEO consulting, with different objectives based on different timelines- will help you see them.

SEO Strategy Planning for the Long-term

Smart search engine optimisation is definitely a long-term approach; it’s not a sprint for a finish line. With forethought and design, we set the groundwork for the long-range future visibility of your website. A balanced content development program, with steady gains in organic referrals is the objective here.

Developing a viable and ongoing customer acquisition program, needs flexibility. Who would have thought that “MySpace” would fizzle as quickly as it flared, and “Facebook” would come from nowhere and take over? Groups, niches and special interest platforms spring up, and should be investigated before earning your commitment or dismissal. Remember that first and foremost, you’re in business to recruit customers!

Successful ongoing SEO planning for the future complements your online marketing and business growth objectives by giving you extra pillars of support.

Never underestimate the importance of in a conversion sense, rather than simply a “click-through” sense.

Organic traffic, social media mentions, niche websites related to your industry- all focus on serendipitous discovery that position your website as a trusted authority.

Remain Flexible With SEO Strategy

If you see or learn that there is a frenzy of activity related to your business, product, service or industry- then move quickly and be part of it. Relevant, timely strategic moves will get you onto your prospects’ radar quicker than you could imagine. If you need professional direction or guidance, our SEO strategy planning service can help you, by either developing and implementing a program for you- or mentoring you as you do the work yourself. Tap the contact button on this page for more help.