SEO and Website Health

Remove the obstacles preventing your website from ranking well in search. As part of our suite of search engine optimisation services in Melbourne, we examine websites for critical errors which only ever need a one-time fix.
If left unchecked, any of these errors could hamper future search engine optimisation efforts.

Spending time, effort and money on SEO is only a good thing when the website is capable of ranking well, with any blocks or restrictions removed.

Check for Website Penalties

It’s one of the most obvious things- but something very few people ever do. Checking a website for a Google-imposed penalty should be done anytime you lose substantial Google rank suddenly, or get nowhere with your ongoing SEO.

Broadly speaking, penalties can be automatic (algorithmically triggered), or manual (imposed after a manual assessment or review of your website).

Either way, penalties aren’t good- and you need to get them reversed quickly. You might get notice of a Google penalty through webmaster tools- or you might need to dig deeper and investigate what your previous SEO has done.

This applies especially to offshore search engine optimisation providers. Much of the discussion with people who have had a sudden loss of website traffic, drifts back to having SEO done by someone from a developing country.

A Positive Visitor Experience- Essential Before SEO

Have you ever been on a website where links suggest something and once you follow those links, the promise isn’t kept on the page you visit?

It’s a common thing- website owners try and game the system, by using keyword-rich headings and anchors- and omitting the most important part of the equation.

The focus needs to be on having the visitor’s need for the information they came for, satisfied.

The value of the visit from the visitor’s perspective needs to leave them pleased with their choice, and satisfied that your page was the authority on the subject.

Too many websites fall short of providing this level of visitor experience, and as a result, the competition wins the client.

Can Your Website Content be Indexed?

The best SEO builds on awesome, information-rich content, and this could all be lost if there’s a block within your website htaccess file, preventing search engine spiders from indexing all or some of the pages.

We see this problem often- we were approached once by a music school director who had a fifteen year old website that never ranked for anything- and it was a simple line of code which held the answer- literally a ten minute fix!

Sometimes your website designer or web developer might be working on the contents of a page, and during the development phase, a “no index, no follow” tag might be applied to prevent search engine robots or spiders crawling and indexing content which hasn’t been fully verified.

It’s an easy thing to overlook in the excitement of publishing a new website or adding a new page- especially if you’re loaded up on caffeine in the early hours of the morning.

Website Architecture- Holding It All Together

The architecture or framework of your website- and we’re referring to content presentation to the visitor- is very important.

The content needs to be presented semantically, in a way that sets the hierarchy for the visitor, enabling them to differentiate the most important content from the less-important content on the same subject.

this also help your search engine optimisation.

Search engines will get a better understanding of which pages on a given subject are your primary pages for that topic, and hopefully- if your SEO has been done correctly- will send visitors to the correct page right from the start.

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